The port of Constanza, Romania, located on the western shore of the Black Sea, at the crossroads of the trade routes linking East and West, has lately become a regional hub for cargoes from neighbouring landlocked Central Europe countries. Taking advantage of its favorable sheltered position, deep water and ice free berths, large storage capacities as well as improved road, rail, river connections (via the Danube – Black Sea Canal), Constanza port is able to accommodate largest dry bulk, container or tanker vessels.


      In this business environment, INTERNATIONAL BUREAU CONTROL SURVEY & TALLY Co. LTD was established in 1994 by its present General Manager among the first Romanian private stock inspection companies and evolving ever since through the quality of rendered services, gradually covering Black Sea ports, Danube ports and inland locations.


      With its headquarters in Constanza main port, close to berth 33, INTERNATIONAL BUREAU CONTROL SURVEY & TALLY Co. LTD provides comprehensive and reliable commodities inspection services for most of the cargoes traded, be they dry or liquid, bulk or bagged. As GAFTA and FOSFA members, our inspectors are employing a wide range of skills and experience in the surveying of the goods and/or their means of transportation, supervision of handled consignments in order to control the inherent risks of loss, damage, contamination associated with the shipments between major ports, thus guaranteeing our customers a total line of risk management inspection, monitoring and analysis throughout the shipment process.


      Indeed, here your interests are regarded as our own, and our clients can relax in the knowledge that the consignment exactly matches the contractual specifications upon loading/discharge/storage, being provided with samples, visual and documentary evidence in support of our inspection findings comprised in detailed inspection reports standing as valid proof in any dispute as being licensed by Romanian Customs and authorities as independent private sworn and qualified inspectors.


      In its effort to defend our customers’ interests through valuable expertise anywhere in the world, IBC has recently teamed up with COMMODITY INSPECTION SERVICES BV. – C.I.S.- of Rotterdam, Holland, as correspondents, therefore benefiting from a global inspectors network able to cover most of the worlds’ trade posts ( ).