While most of the claims in the international deliveries refer to quantity and quality of parcels shipped or received it is vital for the trading partners to have their merchandise professionally and independently inspected thus identifying issues at source before becoming a problem.

      The traditional role of the cargo inspector will never change. At our end your merchandise is full time monitored, supervised during handling, permanently assessed and certified as complying or not with relayed parameters, sampled, screened , tested and weighed.

-          Weight control – by overseeing the shore weighbridges and/or surveying the carrying vessel, randomly checking the bags’ weight, tallying in/out;

-          Pre-shipment inspections- checking that the product is within specification physical and visual, technical and contractually packed and marked;

-          Sampling- performed at all points in the supply chain, from production to shipping;

-          Testing & Analysing the goods for their agreed parameters in our own fully certified Agri lab or best accredited labs and dispatching of representative samples and relevant test report and/or analysis bulletins;

-          Temperature control, for deep frozen cargoes or fruits;

-          Radioactivity measurements;

-          Stock control management- for parcels in custody of 3rd parties for the duration of their storage in port premises, stock movement monitoring and loss prevention;

-          Cargo damage survey-in order to determine the cause, nature and extent of the damage suffered during loading/discharging/storage/carriage;

-          Investigations – in special circumstances such as insurance fraud attempts, claims investigations, cargo condition at various stages.

           The final goal: our clients’ guarantee that the purchased or sold merchandise is in compliance with the quantity and quality stated.