IBC’s first and still major commodity inspection base lies in agri products and food stuff.

      It is crucial for our clients to avoid substantial losses in their agri shipments due to infestation, pests ,insects or rodents at all stages of the supply chain – inland storage, transport, warehousing, loading on board the vessels or barges. Fumigation is therefore required to control and reduce the damage thus inflicted during the export and import cycle.

      Our affiliate – INTERNATIONAL BUREAU FUMIGATION – deals promptly with any fumigation request at all stages, our experienced staff offering the best solutions tailored to specific circumstances met on location, observing valid fumigant application methods and exposure time for maximal results.

      Our fumigating operations comply with local and international legislation as well as quality and safety standards, being certified by relevant Romanian authorities, and employ only best in class substances available worldwide.

      We hereby carry out all types of application- surface, sub-surface, recirculation systems- for all the grains in transit or silos.