Performed with a view to estimate quantities shipped on board or outturned, to determine the fitness of cargo spaces to receive intended goods, to inspect the securing of stowed commodities or their condition in stow, include but are not limited to:

-          Draft Survey - for dry bulk loaded/discharged cargoes;

-          Tallying- for packaged goods;

-          On/Off Hire & Bunker Surveys- to determine the vessels’ condition and the quantity of fuel upon delivery or redelivery as per Charter parties;

-          Stowage & Lashing Survey;

-          Holds’ /Tanks’ Inspection, prior loading commencement for cleanliness and dryness;

-          Water tightness tests for hatchcovers, in order to prevent water ingress into the cargo;

-          Volumetric measurements;

-          Holds sealing/unsealing, upon completion of loading or prior discharge commencement;

-          Pre-discharging surveys, to determine the loss or damage suffered by shipped goods during vessel’s voyage to discharge port.

           The final goal: best possible quantity and quality estimate based on existing circumstances, for the benefit of traders and carriers.